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desperate deranged talking in my sleep again eyes twitch retain a sentimental something looked lorn and we burned and burned I was a cinder body soul in my dreams breakdown amidst the mixtures avoid addictive plea responding disillusion encrusted cruelty describe why nails enclose me eating so evenly there exists a lot of reasons to support fatality abstinence possessed hardly what you think it is hearts beat positive provided there's progress ignorance does insist of the right coffin took some food offered me can't see myself drank the wine wished the feverish burst of terror breakdown amidst the mixtures avoid addictive plea insist that nothing happened chilled bloodless fatigue recharge with bitterness fanatics beckoning mistook a look impassioned absorbed with clarity consciousness drifts away discarded memory packaged shelf life bad display breakdown amidst the mixtures avoid addictive plea excessive necromances comfort is treachery so pound the nails in tight eyes screaming out of sight against a grain like curtain unbearably alive

for reasons untold born a body mass no excuse for intolerable kick set in glass grasp a moment shattered a lock on the door scraping demon trapped resides starving for freedom all my strength to keep inside tear it down if I could move heaven or hell I would to summon heads rush all perception void and meaning less anti-fathoms life in spite of it negate all feeling fractured mocked deplore naming reverse remote viewing empathic lesion surrounding the guilt cannot deny tear it down a process to describe whatever truth means nothing when adding no results times a shallow digging through the mud thrown out so expectable intentions not up front and the shit that never faced reflects the sliver looped a flaw rotates forever unresolved tear it down

anger thought so no thought touched inside crazy (disembodied gutteral noise need not make sense)

(transcription one....)
flesh makes a stretch through the hoop again no faults nothing ever gained livid fear, our time has come about what was believed now turned inside out drastic hate, frantic air growing up while inching near a reason no throwing back down in it's place cutting in with open space cancer in each new cell rotting food left on the shelf alive yet unaware asking do you really care Nivek, regard with care witness our philosophy melting features came to the light remains burn out comes rushing back again cold claws lifeless abject hate power unleashed a vagrant mind in bits grasping for warm embrace detest all views of place remember... alive yet unaware asking do you really care alive alive exiting crystal set view left below no truth now burning bright inside absinthe grows cold open scar on the wall disregarded no bitter rotten flames rip and follow break through never saw this inching near enough fleeting, the image cracks ripping past the frame love's never came wrapping the face dripping blade in love receding wrenching the image cell who will decide what goals we set alive yet unaware asking do you really care listen as the hours pass back on the bridge again rebuild nothing's quite the same slipped poison cancer central brain retracing he steps so easily mislaid knife in my hand so don't you make demands discorse at times or is it just in my mind alive yet unaware asking do you really care oh my god my god help me god help me (screams) witness eyes eyes reveal witness eyes eyes quickening

(transcription two...)
flesh creatures stretch through the hoop again no faults nothing ever gained livid fear our time has come about what was believed now turned inside out drastic hate frantic air growing upward inching near the reason none throw it back down in it's place cutting in with open space cancer that eats itself rotting food left on the shelf alive, yet unaware asking "do you really care?" horrific! regard with care witness hides the lies within melted features came to the light remains doubt comes rushing back again cold claws lifeless agitate power unleashed a vagrant mind in bits clasping for warm embrace cast out views a place remember gazing crystal set view left below no truth now burning bright inside abstinence grows cold open scar on the world disregarded no bitter up in flames dripping core break through never saw this inching near enough fleeting the image cracks ripping past the brain love never came thrown back in the face dripping blade in love receding wrenching the image cell who will decide what causes love alive, yet unaware asking "do you really care?" listen as the hours pass on the bridge again rebuild nothing's quite the same slit grows hurts cancer sickle blade retracing the steps so easily mislaid knife in my hand so don't you make demands discourse a time losing touch with my mind

oil remove shred and tear radiation vapor it's the fear so unclear man in motion going nowhere in our homes stuck in the face spread the word to the populace yellow journal yellow journal set the pace feel the rage manifestations of a sort so insidious off the point simple solution never confusion sport a gun kill a cop crazy world of weary thought so receive me had enough lock me up lock me up rot and assimilate so hot to annihilate deviation tonic mess prolonged existence innocence is he who speaks isn't weak wheelchair virtue so to speak bubonic plague the truth of aids immunity avoid decay in the trench of pestilence the bible screams announce your faith mutterings of death to bring suffocate a newborn thing degradation of an age venereal it's all sensation protect design the moral plan infallible as propaganda completely black with no steps back hot to assimilate we'll rot or annihilate agony profusely stains the inner thinking of the brain accusations clanking chains experiments with the groans of pain all prefer no one blames the terror in an animal's screams in cages our future - the answers insane

Blue Serge
worn out gone ocean calmly lowers bodies offering whims condition as night falls spills disease mental sores mine exploding you f**king liar lines form short mans views Cassandras curse prophets eyes sees the truth they perceive as lies this controls my mind after supper o much fatter how to reconcile this matter lies disfigured one on top no distinction soaking singa screaming phrased in ill contemptnot worth it this controls my mind so whose resolve cant stop them now raving mad so very small kisses dust storm wave good-bye have no need to scrape so high

Brak Talk
What? Shut up! Brak talk you know that crack talk x2 Cease the war constitution no revolution ??? truncheon of lies cast back is there something cease ??? ??? non-violent ??? digit digit transphobia brak talk you know that crack talk ??? (give me that beer?!?!) brak talk break through it ??? this part of constitution respect prospect if you sit down million (?) full fact prospect violent sensations of progress never ends bad trust ??? (sure some denied) brak talk you know that crack talk ??? here what you deserve frontline all lies brak talk crackhead all lies (all ice?) what you feel now sensation brak talk now again brak talk

Burnt With Water
Behavior! Behavior! Behave!

articulate and fill with nothing said the leach of the leeches need pen tip drips noxious function a double standard fee redirect burn infinite decadence replaces the next day crawling screams at yesterday eyes gather squinting dissect and fear gather words of wisdom to fling in vain what is your purpose of this game carcass soiled caged broken pieces in the dust decay nervous exhaustion caused jagged cross analogy destroy to depict it dirt flows down empty veins all alive within will seep away ears enlarge to listen confess the rest to all gazing up looking so angelic force feed nothing hot dirt IT WAS JUST A LITTLE BLOOD IT'LL WASH OUT lifes ambition for you SPITEFUL

here falls now undone looks beyond the credits sum livid fractures less of fate the whisper winds blow the seed of hate disturbed society dogs my turn with no values intend to raise ability tried and tested pointless view gods got security hands like snakes sow the seeds raise all negative force-fed traces poisons all impure profane the haunted heaven jeering leapt into the pit of calamity a mean condition no wealth dents provisions for a time unknown the lemic gestures all planned and hatched in seasons of dissolute pain cried afflicted and infected oblige the systems perfect dream distorted my words assume all that is programmed before and somewhat left unsaid behind shutters dirt before desire dusted crap ingested comes stealing life that you are not visited warped torpedo night crawls through the distant and irrelevant a good life's experiment fused I'm laying violent hands upon a dead card calling cattle the playthings are so abused the derelict dial phone clock pusher delved in reliving the future too Im sticking pins and needles in this stinging rotten fleshlike substitute pieces of half cooked meat that are walking on this earth abort desire irrelevance ticks in front in view a candle rhyme to realign burnt out candles on the wall seize the moment... reach

The Centre Bullet
dead shot through the temple in the temple heard the preacher screech i bored you full of holes, Lucretia, saw you crease up in a ball as if you swallowed your own poison followed as you crawled up to the altar i watched the tabernacle choir bawling in a bath of sacramental wine you laced it, but it tastes just fine to me yes it's 89's a good year let's hear it now for good old (bittersweet) '89 let's hear it now for good old '89. we took our seats we watched them stringing up a chicken kept on kicking as they kicked away the chair they fed it strychnine we kept on staring sick and sordid as you pulled another bullet from my belt and fired count to nine... (ninety nine)... count to nine. i caught it in my teeth I licked it clean I chewed it i chewed it struck a match I flew a dozen stories to my stool behind a widow sure i'm small but big enough (I'm big enough) to send a bullet through your head a bullet through the centre of your head i'll send a bullet through the centre of your head centre bullet... rent a bullet...

Rest low tar spell Fatigue vermin crawling in Livid gnaws fasting on tic and a flea in vain again Agro flight not taking Fasting on deception in the making Turns two against three penny save a penny worth Crystal marble powder shot glass overflow Dreams amaze me Time escapes me Mirror shades what should be flight not taking Rest a bodies burning Compose ears of rock Guilty grey formaldehyde Cripples hound a wheelchair Guilty grey a wheelchair Hounds you asshole Dead palsey blue stupid Thaw cuts the jaw Hell piss fuck head Rest pure acid hell Filthy word mutation Laughing hound hereafter Stupid clown you asshole

forlorn lists true contempt destruct dripping red is it time to come clean wash away everything hold the frame still life focus ones intent to not be noticed lost in lies graceful charms losing touch with everyone management terms and conditions waiting for own in addition contract is raised THE WORLDS GREATEST MORTUARY self destruct mechanism introvert overturn assasination make from steel the ugly weapon killers instinct from man to trigger peaceful time direct potentia living through ones own dimentia come on hold arms dissect division caress duress invite delusion back moving through the keyhole trust in keeping a value judgement overthrown like a somnambulist twisting and churning in retrospect management inedible benign applicants crime TO EVERLASTING ETERNAL PEACE

The Choke
torment a stench one side inside no doubt lost count brutalize the half red eyes decide which side whose side you're in the middle of the fire a scythe and smock is sharp so sharp no conscience such confidence a crooked ear so insincere a glue on smile your social style tyrants rule is such a fool superior good advice it's so nice from you arguments so hideous they're heaven sent you can't repent words like ice cut and slice announce my demise christ why did you die superior good advice blood red and arguments heaven sent torment my stench putrefy putrefy wise so wise you're not so wise shadow shadow shadow shadow why?

unfurnished, treeless barren ball, rotates, spitting toxins taught to destroy, a balance not unlike, rotates on, changing, directs and wins, each vision blurred, living thinking not ever linking, that shape unknown, progress, undermine basic binary, on off on off, breath, exhale, exhale lungs, green shutters, camera fixed, overexposed skin burns, raged, the amber, violent, tempered tension, surface stoned, water, paper, to air, dry cracks, growth denied

heavens trash fixation turning mass direction having a relationship without guilt mass direction off and away hazy circles round the eyes so long how long hate disease heavens thrash its a vacant scathing vapor ancient role play downward shores of pluto heavens thrash dusty crircles flys the by ways of the mind mass direction flower cauldren answer brew to mystify hate disease downward shores of pluto sure all right

a lasting moment to hold onto with regret the scent of time tried and tested I never noticed the phantoms of her mind crescent moon Im cutting through paste up warnings fill the sky smoking embers I remember time and time again to try to live I light to sink within her I think of light time to blame to borrow from your past elapsed collapsing shes not insane shes gone insane and if the root of silence pulls me off and love is lost not from my heart I sit upon this throne that throws me off and she falls backward to the floor and forward to the back she says elapses all my truth again shes the one I live for I live alone burns inside horribly she lifts me to the spirit burns the darkest hours my corrupt brain is hurting once again the door lies quiet left alone Im thinking of her sitting the burning clock of time

[whispering:??Never trusted??]  (Kaiser?/Crazy?) (Black time?)  I looked upon the circus in the sky  (?steaming?) colorized ceiling paranoia  Make it go away  Make it go away  (don´t you win?)   There (for years?)  Until tirade is used  Four ring  Four crap-hole  Listen to the circus  Listen now  (less i know?) Make it go away  Violent Jesus wetting mouth  Repromoting ecstasy  escape  No self respected  Lies desperate   Lies pattern  (button? bottom?) Lies inside  Lies pattern  Lies inside  Lies pattern  Lies inside  (So let's spew?) so rescue  Set it in  Let 'em know how it feels  In a gaping hole holding  Head explode  Cream drip bucket  Oversold  Washes dirt  crushing lies  Blaming cunt   Who won?t realize  Tackle this reaper  Breeze rocking (peer is broken)  Burning paper  (???)  pattern word  pattern lies : Stáhnuto+cy?

good and evil does not exist fix the outcome overall playing into follow along face the weak bland righteousness deliver them or kill them dead shorter now god and the demise patience cries the burning cross confessions alter bugger faith moisten gland insert and taste shorter now a god lies rich forced upon a sinners itch kept a box locked in tight slaves reward reserved in spite drive across and burn incense this is the god to save your soul water burns holy kill the faith inside of you watch the killing starts after you accept the part to redirect your mind whisper the name all is not so black and white

Dead Lines
sample test at best is nothing less run for more i can't decide love in the grass is nothing less rather you look me in the eye your face creeping in your caring thankless grin immobilize the setting sin create the mood that's dark and grim aortic high arctic part mood altered my paradise is lost maskover no one left to dock hide the trap caution deadline remark aortic matches my grey skin known so long feels like the next of kin aortic high arctic part hide the trap caution deadline remains a jaded whip rosehip a shallow kiss chauvinistic go look inside whilst in the back a gold to lead to resurrect whats left to die fainted bait breathes faint tarnish and elevate wipe the slate kiss goodbye overuse blank card rendezvous understand bells mourn the tired

Dead of Winter
"watch closely" "closer, closer, closer..." its christ its christmas eve october bleak [contestal?/contest all?] [herds?/nerds?] theres frost murder in my <???> room and still the pennies earned the blood stained windows of night its always [the same year?/christmas here?] for my dead of winter i gaze into the [nursery?/rosary?] i seek where is the vision [decost?] and pray to priests in the dead of winter...winter...winter... the heart is [felt a?/smelt a?/smells of?] [birds out of place?/burnt out of pace?] [a paradigm?/prepare a dust?/pair of dice?] to call perfection theatre, intrigue all fair in the dead of winter a place to hold you in disguised to live a shack a memory thats what comedians are for reflection, reflection in my heart the river of <???> swallow them? to melt them down? melting melting enters love dead head dont worry become submerged repression [surge?/serve?]the church? dead of... winter, winter ....cold here sauce is cold, cold again again again... they think the hot spot [?sent here and then?] they dont know what its like to live f**k I'm not against... ....priest... ....hollow... dead...dead...dead... of...of...of...of... ....

holding his hands dream the whole week radiance hissing rodent speak elective evil once started shot struck home so it goes inches towards flattened back on all fours drawn and racked doesn't mean a thing nature perverts itself so it goes so what the hell let it grow regret so full of haste coming clear piss in blood no one should ever have to cut assemble resembled played out wording disturbing quiet saying relaying a message raising Cain's revenge got a few no f**king whacked house of cards dealing smack crimson scolding driving told Im never holding one thing back credit full of nothing slither here one thing back licking dogs no hook no song feeling high fantasize wonder why suck them dry choppy waves take a dive crash enable disabled effect not carried no power in quiet playing resaying never more never again distort the monomaniac delivering the blow core rotten bone distort the monomaniac black mass held upon the radio doesn't mean a thing be it what or ever could doesn't mean a thing sinister creation doesn't mean a thing evocation of the dead Moses forbidding it doesn't mean a thing worm like ticking art worth shit we play upon the things we fear the smell is foul where does it fit screw yourself go screw yourself no one should ever have to how do you sleep when its still alive never to deep take a look inside

Deep Down Trauma Hounds
injured plea crushed destiny deep down trauma hounds run to corrode integrity whatever matters and it would they fail to see they make believe reality helpless deaths ignored to be judged as juvenile head caves in growing pains no time remains for fantasy tyrrany exists shrink beneath the ingrown thorns forced to accept pledge allegiance to a flag tested to forget you must resist they want you dead feels emptyness eternity keeps swallowing digested benefactors whose silence deafens anything all of whom decease and miss to pierce a point objects and lessons to realize it's not the way what's the point of giving up leaving won't change anything political resentment to push away all growth withing puzzles me offers soul to nothing the message screams it's purity that those with no rights display the right to have no life do have respect they must accept a world commiting suicide

Dig It
Dig It (Version 1)
Love cannot attatch itself to binding ugliness Rot in silence to advise (life) the pointed hand Difference (??? of ???) (love?) each other's (needs?) Dressing up false kindness create empathy Hungry lopside name your game Feelings feeling sorry that I ever came (Dissolve say something taste nothing corporate nothing) this last last bit seems to be several different lines layered over one another. This is my best attempt at sorting out the sonic mess. Lost cause pull the cord a choice with politics Open your eyes to verify the life experience Practicioner of medicine (belong?) up 'til the end Bringing hope (discuss a point?) extend eternity Dig It DIG IT Execute economic slave (fill it? kill it?) unearthly remains Freedom as an offering (ask again?) Flesh and bone tried to sell ancient monuments (Pacifies a speratist?) unheard violence (The puncture from?) a great revenge (fall magistrate?) Giving up claims it's right value ecstacy Hungry lopside name your game Feelings feeling sorry that I ever came Sugar and water dissolved to taste sweet nothing Boils (with?) hanger pick vomit hanging out Brings a smile like a shroud pain is my job retaliates expressing glee decides it's what it seems (Get off playing purposes?) enter concrete

(version 2)
love cannot attach yourself to binding openness rot in silence to advise life the pointed hand indiference ??? love each others needs dressen up with false kindness create empathy hungry love the ??? name your game feelings feeling sorry that I ever came ??? don't say sweet nothing culprit nothing ilogical pull the chord choice of politics ??? verify the life experience morticioner medicine belong until the end bringing hope is just the point extend eternity execute economic slave fill it unearthly remains freedom as an offering ask again flesh and bone touch yourself ancient monuments unsurpassed unsaid for us unheard violence departure from a privelege a ??? ??? it up planes arive value ecstacy hungry love the ??? name your game feelings feeling sorry that I ever came sugar and water it's all to taste sweet nothings execute economic slave fill it unearthly remains freedom as an offering ask again boils with heretic vomit keep it out razor ??? beggers shroud ?brain? is better ??? retaliates regrudgingly besides what it seems hero claim hypothesis bitter carnal grin love the ??? name your game feelings feeling sorry that I ever came ??? power killing ??? gone execute economic slave fill it unearthly remains freedom as an offering ask again ask again ask again

Dogshit (Censor)
(a dream) rest low tar spell fatigue vermin crawling in livid gnaws fasting on tic and a flea in vain again agro flight not taking fasting on deception in the making turns two against three penny save a penny worth crystal marble powder shot glass overflow dreams amaze me time escapes me mirror shades what should be flight not taking rest a bodies burning compose ears of rock guilty grey formaldehyde cripples hound a wheelchair guilty grey a wheelchair hounds you asshole dead palsey blue stupid thaw cuts the jaw hell piss fuck head rest pure acid hell filthy word mutation laughing hound hereafter stupid clown you asshole

Draining Faces
cut tear taking life too serious recreates a void not unlike walking infinitely blind through rooms strewn with razor blades I see what you mean what you say duck the issue and treat as humor gorging forcing pointless impediments strangling deform more than known know to never be ciao

taking a man whose face has been battered whose body has been scurged  back and front whose head has been crowned with thorns who has been cruzified and has his side pierced it is my opinion that the man on the shroud is Jesus Christ

Far Too Frail
lovers and legions i've seen your whore try not to reason forsaken i'm poor fire nerves and dissension flying at a glare a ginger reaction whisper care a hairpin decision falls against the brain to formulate the anguish and alleviate the pain the silence is warning soul search nothing can't regain reach for air scenes of a cheap thrill summon an old ghost the foremost and sterile suffering one lost to face the potential for fantasy and flair forever and forgiving summon me and dare they keep on the mainstream forging their demise while playing with the hopeless not facing their own lies the symptoms of recourse i've seen nothing overspill far too frail.

Fascist Jockitch
listen to your nerves war son night ons right away decomposed freeze lack featureless ?fool? aryan yahoo nuisance to the world never says ?sweet? ?problems? person world chaos pass disease carrier fascist think about the world once the world's grime ??? ??? is sweet ??? ??? ??? with ?summer? gas miss burn ??? what is worse with your feeling burning turning ?ferning? fist your face his face her face ?everybody? ??? ?give? ?all? destination [global destination, maybe?] ??? brotherhood is dead aryan is too ?old? [screaming/wailing/whatever] aryan yahoo burn the world move out ??? fucking hey over there with your noble hair with your noble ?place? you're fucked we don't know ?right? ??? burning off with ?summer? gas displaced ?bombs? ??? ?abuse? ??? what the ?shore's? ?ugliness? walls drawn nylon decomposed ?night? everything in flame nervous ?no? ?doubt? waiting waiting aryan yahoo you're ?abaiting? me ??? putty in my face same you must ?have? ?been? [i have no idea...] ?waiting? ?for? ?a? ?son? ??? space cover [more of Ogre screaming] aryan yahoo what you gonna do with a ?rubber? ?band? ??? ??? ?crackers?

First Aid
those fortunate risk fate to alleviate a fear from within clawing to trust someone monogamy sits uneasily ice that don't heat freeze howl hollow howl in vast space all light displaced we can kill desire albatross worn subvert to twist and old poem tick tick tick tick tick altruistically we've come a long way man and woman raping from the earth worming what it's worth right wing ricochet displays the evolution of decay just go away infant hospital winged protection infected the new born dreams a life that cannot be intuitive grease paint drooling to relate all of lifes mistakes hitting in the face orchard putrid smile head of state state headless states of being as right up against what's wrong the disease believes to push away normality alone with virtue what's there left to do a virus threads poetry written time dogmatically lifes plague the first aid acquired deficiency spreading it aimlessly have heart crash course caustic dripping gins the reaper body count intensify getting weaker moisten the soul away clouded and vague throw free love to history masters of nothing living's now a precious aim

Glass Houses
sit in darkness understand what i am is what i am overshadowed by assertion makes me certain solemn ponder wander shake shaded with a doubt nightmare full of fear solvent raining from the sky backlog danger hypnotize glass blown eyes stain in drain on procreate fascinate me instigate care to here morbid desert ice cream eyes so deceiving fraternize carefully create vision fabricate smash to pieces watch and wait crash glass houses hasten grasp calculate foreign object phornicate smash glass houses misinterpret reprimand are you here myself demands mediocre are you hearing headspace clearing

God's Gift (Maggot)
to a life left screaming cry this holy god mercury to no degree early lies to blaspheme eye sky skies limit deceiving in this darkened splay growing back at the invoid you're bloody righteous declare the light wounding forever judgment of his righteousness certain man feel the pain fighting back name ruler the (???) the gentle black we're falling down nuns in ice maggots fill the brain (??) falling down falling (??) rain rain atomic rain all is law in the power of god (??) lies a scream Neptune bedroom with a grin where the messiuer walks down the phantoms living out miseries it's on god's gift maggots I saw it heal the fate no less then back again open wound in a splash on the side mouthwash god gave us maggots

Grave Wisdom
dry wind chars human storm lies barren wasted greed taints water thirst dream the asphalt burial daylight meltdown long gone death grabs at stillborn child another low test pesticide not until they are dead believe in words ataching dread no meaning color world of different levels no chance to rectify nightmare running races skyward tower boil black water tea contagious waste disposal growing blind faith a tragedy propigate safe history creatures running underground all the cages rusted displaced food bowls empty now fit for the licking faces form memory blind faith stupidity races run secretly blind faith a tragedy not until they are dead stop breathing fleas attach themselves biting bits of flesh consuming w??? once hated words are shit contract???we disease

Hardset Head
event width two path given pure force downs turns the screw crawl in back in term space a time to intrude in term peace assuring a future silence noise forming sound like silent noise silent voice screaming hints retaliation heinous plans in sides remain taking downs taking aim filling curses two conditions back upon itself pass it off as good intentions leaving marks hard to heal reassisted retrogression leaving tracks path reveals sample act reflected clears noticed thought while leaving hears nuisance labels paranoia so stupid how perceived that way silent claws shredding flaws hungers gnawing silent flaws forever laughter silence knows shaman stands retreating all is over evermore smoke the curse your creation back upon yourself pushes distress closer to the edge one time cracks lights the walls worry wasted hearing clouds up above the chatter digging deep insider storms to find the inner patience erasing shadowed gifted ruin haste retracing promised news leaving statement meant as nothing starving your words no excuses silent truth asserts its proof like you abhor

Harsh Stone White
harsh stone white eyes behold bruise baths soak crying bones every days appeal to stop spirit calm on valium hate permeates and fills the air icy clouds the atmosphere illusions pull hair no reaction how was this done it exists by extraction of reason drooling drips the bile of sanity through the thought lines vomiting were even the clock wailed and sped past two tic tic toc in time in the real understanding myself thinking stand back unafraid and unaffected stand back non molested were even down down down again down here in the cracks face hidden cracks harsh stone white even were even

miles cable claws driller killer ripping holes tattered cloth stained regaining the weather acid rains so sweet sweat streaks downpour on humidity colder time talking hints watching tests the heat mangled meat retaliate no blaming in future dreams could you have stopped it from happening best left spectator spectacle time spaced fast paced farther down all that trigger guaging cause kills at will melted prophets book burning how undone written slurs the meaning the past they will repeat hard to hit so unbeat melting prophets the past melting undone misted fable role altogether mutating chains rattle happy to perform either war or famine no where arid food growing warming trends a place passive cows to feed the weak product waste give back nothing orders come in make a million living things suffer hidden glad garbage body bag what of that change that could save everything that paper shredder patent tender puts us back in time again budgets that burst with oil crude gas in purse no compassion common criminals seek asylum concrete pillow exxon dreams hidden hiarchy no one in power taking blame

Hospital Waste
blast and raw eye blood shot lid color concealed crimson trap thin lit mess code of darkness stop the ocean counting blood coughing blood and needle syringe in the islang thirst of drought raise through the real end ozone layer ultraviolet embalms sunless fire mistrust abandoning day long sinking monotones out to please to pattern the grey rain falls it drizzle colors negate so wild let it slide down time colors look crimson trains inside lost my footing ooze bite ant landslide no finding what through a lost door somewhere out there in open space where is there space to get off and go on there on tv the polluted lies the polluted noise mistrust no longer they don't give advice mono matters all to pleasing nobody the grey rain drizzles down my face negate mistrust dementia

Human Disease (S.K.U.M.M.)
whatever painted part taught deeply enclosed in mother earth life born addict breathe angel whatever paint it up so closer to farther apart meat seeking missiles consuming rain forest infested veins the river flow urban needle inject carcinogen chemicals relieve the stress slows consumer rotting sight no taste odorless clear seeping water poisoning all producing nothing intelligent to cause disease human breed in self perpetuating whatever close at hand finger cramp virtuoso closet problem epileptic machines shudder shock who is over who is on top malformed earth born shake all is a disease biped walk so straight earth can be so giving as it can be irrate what if to burn up and out with illing over doubt sight no taste odorless fda recommends to take daily allowance of them 26 unknown carcinogens 26 unknown cancer causing supplements infested chemicals fda virtuoso closet problem whatever to plot or build to self destruct the so called lesser beast exhibits harmony walk straight biped relate walking disease green is the grass of survival feeding the cows that they dine on all is a disease human disease survival

passing ghosts heres the host talk of nothing matters most urban fracture whats the matter only i am lost rip blade doomsday cut string way they go away die love icebreaker are words misused enough those shameless view icebreaker shall sail right through cold mirror gives icy clues notice shells ails the well smell of hell dosed phantoms will future answer does it matter deaths the only thrill

future shock incision crystal methane in my brain magnitude it's all the same speak for something funny ?home? ?leprosy? is a silly game motivate the inner ear creeping ?denting? crystal clear fear is ?father's only son? question my ?asthetic ear? son ?lying ??? morbid sight? black clouds ?steel? tears drip dry tell tales ?of? fly so high ??? ??? ??? ??? crystal methane in my brain magnitude it's all the same speak for something funny ?home? ?leprosy? is a silly game motivate the inner ear creeping ?denting? crystal clear fear is ?father's only son? question my asthetic ear ?lying ??? morbid sight? black clouds ?steel? tears drip dry tell tales ?of? fly so high ?no shine the back runs high? crystal methane in my brain magnitude it's all the same speak for something funny ?home? ?leprosy? is a silly game motivate the inner ear creeping ?denting? crystal clear fear is ?father's only son? question what the fuck is wrong black clouds drip so dry i talk ??? ??? ??? ??? dripping ?morter? shorting shorting out bust shorting out future shock incision future shock incision future shock incision crystal methane in my brain magnitude it's all the same speak for something [?funny home?] let persist this silly game motivate the inner ear creeping getting crystal clear fear is [for an?/fun?] only son question what is [really real?/in your ear?] now I'm lying on my good side black clouds still tears drip dry tell tale hearts fly so high notion the backwards eye crystal methane in my brain magnitude it's all the same speak for something [?funny home?] let persist this silly game motivate the inner ear creeping getting crystal clear fear is [fun?/for?] only son question [what is really real?/whats inside your ear?] now I'm lying on my good side black clouds still tears drip dry tell tales hearts fly so high notion the backwards eye crystal methane in my brain magnitude it's all the same speak for something funny ?home? let persist this silly game motivate the inner ear creeping getting crystal clear fear is [for?/fun?] only son question what the fuck is real black clouds drip so dry I talk [???] [black?/back?] [why?/whine?] dripping [?morter?] shorting shorted out bust shorted out future shock incision future shock incision

blatant manner speak parting bonding cement no longer holds parting bigots too young to grow old addicted romance love tested ailing from substance abuse wicked resenting never faced in itself torturer taints animal waste no evironment torturer loving(?) ..(sample??).. rightious read realtime intrusion fear's filtered for reasons unknown cancer (?)attack(?) bleaching dessert so sweet leaves bitter taste in her mouth forever tortured taints animal waste (?)coroners(?) creeping fear tasting force fed lies of the wicked acting out fears false truths turned around wicked torture wicked (?)heed(?) the wicked words of the torturer abusing and controlling anyone that's useful to him wicked waiting of the torturer wicked waits the torturer reads history truth seething believed poison eaten swallows turning away torturer taints animal with (?)fate(?) enlightenment turned away no change the wicked not facing himself controls turning away wicked torturer force fed torment animal torture torturer turning away wicked torturer turning away wicked not facing himself wicked turning away wicked turning away ..????... tortures the animal

"follow my f**king orders"?/"i bark out f**king orders"?/"i want no f**king more of this"? all your f**king ?orders? seeing through the keyhole watching master beat her creep ?video? [hits her/eats her?] please reject [ratting cue? i thank you?] great to be a k-9 closer to [?unasured?] [until? how to?] reach perversions wouldn't you think i have no thought? wouldn't you think i have no thought? its a strange sensation when the foe bears the control [when with pain? smile with fake? smothered with paint?] i sit in dung crying through a purr-snore when I've got the hunger rest <in faith/and pray> so he'll be there the last attatchment food withdrawl i cannot bear simple calculation no respect of ?false rich? shot claw? <shackle? shot? shock? cough?> vision recked k-9 it's not fit in prison why not... keep me out in out force my...in solitaire worry <understand? understatement?> open your eyes thanks for a kick fade emotion dont turn around k-9

Killing Game
fallen angel head crashes dead out of control lost memories staircase twists darker rooms lit with left out toys after playing men changes toys into tools twisted playthings on the staircase fools whose weapons represents the killing game who taught the killing game who taught the killing game awaken eyes sewn wearing glasses dripping tapping at the temple door locked inside scream inner scraping tooth and nail nowhere to go quiet retraces forcing light tears then pretend nothing blinds minds closed in sanctuary closed in sanctuary padded walls not quiet storms fury burned out killing time who taught the killing game time's taught the killing game herself no i taught the killing game first passing words distant pain remember trains of thought collide no one view window pushing faces through sharp cold glass poke bloody holes exposed i taught the killing game first i taught the killing game first till at last you regret tortured animals wake up time beckons death upon myself eyes travelled harden strange no stronger feeling tempting motion slows to a crawl places his weaponry and it's a trap let go the springs snap shut gazes show sharper teeth giving in to the jaws of death i taught the killing game i taught the killing game first i taught i taught i taught the game first first first

a leech, passing unseen, kicked in mouth, (firm?) will prove sex slave, all encomapsses high, gets you by, broken glass in a crystal blown problem room, and one day you will have no one to run to, sell the satisfyer, runs the genitals down, no sensation, promise your heart to the (slut who last) slept in your bed, in you head, in your head, where it must have some reason, all I said in you head, all I said, all I said, intense screaming, nothing like what's said on the bootlegs also layered in the background, ogre repeats: nowhere nowhere nowhere to run to nowhere nowhere nowhere to run to looking back, looking back looking back, one of two looks back, wonder which is real, and the naked (arm that ???), you will see the truth so what, your gift is misused your gift is misused your gift is not used, not used at all I have no idea except for occasional snippets which don't make much sense... when it is done you will have no one to run to no one to run to.

within passions beggar sounds against twice now sinking (be give us hand the ???) autumn suffered all she's ever said the rest of evil heart (pro-???) of the dark truth all through your mind lying, lying there pain is evil hope all she ever said while leaving all she ever said while leaving all she ever said (leave it ??? ??? odyssey) all words come nothing matters and it would nothing matters wishful thinking wishful thinking parasitic junkie (hangs in whose) cries the ruse to whoever looks then listens to a bunch (ice) faces turned away sits and prays you're so sure no one can shake my way faith with a head with a head that rots away just leave me alone pushes hand up through the earth towards the sky reaching high dead poet said once once was enough time to lie time to die reaching up towards the sky as she says once again turning, "leave me alone!" so i left her alone leave me alone leave me alone leave me alone leave me alone... (...i walk) down the stairs towards the door, she walks up the stairs so left all alone

Last Call
trip the long dusty road care denounce no overload in as much as what's become a sterile crashed up iceberg tomb mist on ash on murky shore now begin don't let it show answers even without feeling no fulfilling close the door last call open bar never closing reach beyond last call a shallow pond slow descending so slow to drown watch the perfect dna switch pretend at last to see cancellation is the feel respectfully to never be symbolize simile put in words so simply ask direction no correction map the course to end the way catch the stall wishful air walk among do seem to care on the surface righteous air deliver on the right to share mesh the fine nuclear bond crawl between the chromosome on the top of what's become a two-fold generation boom

Love In Vein
Dreams, not waking, creeping down inside the quiet urns, listen to the sound, crashing down into it, the needle is warm in the arm, hate burns illusion, pain pain pain walk out in the street see the vacant eyes dreaming of the dream unbroken economic repression plays a part i wonder what im going through ....pain..... wasted away island body on a darkened see to avoid chattering taped tape taping human muttering warning flicker lights the candle burnsinside..... a pain that never dies crawls up the back and waits for the lies tall climb edges edges exhausts no night climbing higher ...... crawls wicked wire cut throat explodes singing of the the vein no desire .........great fate...... human heart explodes attacking pointed sticks in sores the arms wheres the warning warning shot the lights out wheres the warning ........ needle is warm in the arm travels to the heart human heart flags the blood ........ a halo of fire scarring made of flame the flower flavor find its worth calls the tripping strings supporting the game of life ......the pain...... broken chair that horror tray of fear wheres the warning warning killing me .......aking human heart except my patience is giving up on me....... river of track mark volcano upon the arm open sores allowing ants to crawl in and i wonder if i missed the warning missed the warning casting away varnish crack ants symbolize decay missed the warning missed the vein reaching out crying for where is the warning .......heart exploding human heart attack.

(transcription 1) [whispered] Through the window, blowing in, ??? message ensured walk within car passes terminal empty cracks started showing through unlisted mystery a dead child was thrown through a window wind opens windows (will winds/whirlwinds?) carry promises true will unleash us, (will?/little?) dogs bite flesh, biting, exposing, freezing the soul, whirlwind blowing through the (door?soul?sore?) (gift/guilt?/kid?) crashes ceiling no fantasies gone ages ago (mixtures?reaches?wasted?) crashes through privacy gone ages ago, (mixtures?reaches?wasted?) freezes hands, pale, lighter, frozen paintings, illumination, illumination gone, illumination, illumination gone, illumination not wrong, [whispered] (ages ago?, kill me?, ages?) sides heaving, chest boxed in, (I will find the real you/finally heal you?), lighter, hand in smokes, thieves <speaks?> my treasures, there to know, I write a note, tossed aside, tossed aside, (word?) shines through a powder, baby the real you, blood shines through a powder, reads the real you, love shinezd through a powder, feel the real you, <what? word? love?> shines through a powder, final curtain, what's become of me and you?

(transcription 2) walked within car passes terminal empty cracks started showing through (unlisted?) mystery a windchime was thrown through a window (whirlwinds?) opens windows (will winds or whirlwinds?) carry promises truth will unleash us (???) (talks? dogs?) (biting?) (rash?) biting exposing freezing the (sore? saw?) whirlwind blowing through an asphalt wall guilt crashes ceiling no fantasies gone ages ago messed-up (kid?) crashes through privacy gone ages ago (mixtures?) freezes hands lighter frozen paintings illumination gone sides heaving (??? ???) "Ogre, I will heal you" writer hand in smokes thieves (my treasures?) (there to know?) I write a note tossed aside (word signs through?) a powdered baby the real you blood shines through a powder (reads? breeds?) the real you love shined through a powder feel the real you what shines through a powder final curtain what's become of me and you?

Morpheus Laughing
an extreme solution no fossil fuel mimicking exhaust rattles troublesome a madmans vast direct iron grooved world primary state average distance closer to the sun draws a comet nearer to a complex distruction a spectre so violent in its views lies impervious altitude has a tendancy under pressure to reveal its identity gaping hole bright star penetration blindfold reliance wrinkles in the cloth of time unity among such a poor existance in this third world resistanceshould be used civil disobedience central pivot revolving heated combustion back to the origin of it all all of it no unwarranted fear courage shown the white line on the ball we live on deserted streets hallucinated the bursted species abnormal conditions deep sentiment for repulsive power nations knows immense populace ingenuity and progress never progressed out of the sun all experiments prove not need the established greed and pain inflicted on the animal model still nothing no cure the ravaged instinct silent waking to a chemical perversion wartime underground imperfect plotting grows the seeds of time

killer in the morning scent of rain come on fills the part put on me stranger Ive been shown less we love and know how were just mortar filling holes the glass eyed creature creaks the broken floors teller lazy sky tales find your rate and pace reinvent uniqueness adjust the outer face planning pits diversions pusher rap down fall take the crap sold as fact hallelujah clueless the ship shine cellar albatross burned down find a way acrosss triangle hold albatross around my neck is sinking psycho hymns too high the fee one step back to sanity we're all addicted anyway

The Mourn
along the cracked in floors dripping on the floor there sits a doctor murder samurai hit numbers calling gave up all old eye shy nose on the wall a cracking membrane turn the message those eyes warn and pull out the young eye why arms creak wishing higher caught the point whore introvert maybe she'll have a chance one day but the world watches with heart rid her arms out rip her arms out rip out

Nature?s Revenge
weather turning towards a storm broken down road continue on coexistance imitating paradise unlike any seen moist has been dancing crazy overcast ash grey wording constantly pushing pulling pushes away drew back a rusty knife guilt ladle pour it understand i burn inside how to get out of here how do you get out of this natures revenge nature cage craving wonder the worth of it scream at the top of your lungs so many times tried not to wonder

One Time One Place
(transcription one...) in the rain collapse cross out which way we'll go (??) the ever last while the wind attacks the past truth and times so shallow develop an attitude more time decay lapse in fortify the self cutter inbred and forever more (whispers something ??) faith bleeding eyes conjure pain distant do distant blood life take away cold the war fast forward owning self-destruction and all achieve a missile tests mortifying flash huddles 'round the radio and tube console to control lives are the arm (alive saw the arm?) levels of toxic waste disgrace intolerant all that's been done built up for a future race that's never won faith from god meet the maker's face distant book in time forever hate that's mine blown fuse shortens with man's (a mad?) progression decipher what's relative legal beaurocrat push us with a tender finger whose politics are those with an X man overcame further as you left him blind two gaping holes undriven carnivore nature's regret of all things brutalised and can it be that need no (???) on our way faith blood make face visionary (????) that's all there is in a gleam halo all jaded weakness corruption runs harmonious begin by extremes doorway extinction resist repression is based on god for a length of time full of elemental powers inbred and no brilliance no fortune could buy this power

(transcription two...) Mental rage (?) collapse claws out (which way'd the wheel go?) harness terror lasts while the wind attacks the past truth at times so shallow develop an attitude more time decay lapse in fortify the self cutter inbred and forever more what a way to end the game the pitiful visionary (that will ???) FAILING BLEEDING EYES CONJUR PAIN DISTANT SO DISTANT BLOOD SHALL TAKE AWAY cold war fast forward owning self-destruction an orgy of missile tests mortifying flash huddled around the radio not to console but to control the lives of the young levels of toxic waste disgrace intolerant of all that's been done built up for a future race a race that's never one FALLING FROM UP HIGH MEET THE MAKER'S FACE DISTANT BOOK IN TIME FOREVER IN THIS PLACE blown fuse shortens with man's progession decipher what's relative legal beaurocrat motions with a tender finger whose properties (and yours will be next?) man in a cave further action left at that two gaping holes a dripping carnivore nature's regret love all things so brutalized an enemy that need not what a way to end the game THIRD WORLD MAKE PEACE A VISIONARY PRESS AWAY REPRESS AWAY REPRESS REPRESS THAT'S ALL THERE IS in a gleam halo all jaded weakness corruption runs harmonious diggen by extremes doorway extinction (pleases?) repression is based on love for a length of time full of elemental power inbred and no brilliant no fortune could buy this power

alternative - mass control diversification and guilt jealousy prejudice the courage to be themselves... often hated aims to make individual freedom spiritual bounds mental shackles to heal the wound of separation to question the unquestioning of the mind offers an alternative to mass control the center of the information war progressed we have progressed physically as far as we can go... next stage mental the process is you justification decentralized by conditioned guilt fear responses realize for individuals who wish to acquire sigil to the will give the mind before which is a function of the self to react and this focusing releases a tremendous energy as the concourse lowers positive flow of energy  so be it the process so be it body like mindedness ageless souls striving for individual matters toward collective goals a guiltless state of self awareness the process is you the process is yours

these barriers disintegrating put forth fall bait the hook blind envy makes me crawl all these familiar faces crack corner smile memories build around me smash down by denial

Rash Reflection
notice that phrase thorough vileness of his delivery ninty seven cars and free love kiss the masters feet poor soul searching all this seen deeper stillness tranquility eat the food drug passive response spoiled putty in the masters hand all this seen is obscure enough kiss the masters feet sure that vision is a vagrant holiday redlective silence chooses one stance hidden behimd throne of freedom in the field of the black sheep all this seen is obscure enough confess all the truth seekers see for the first time cult grows from a rolls royce dream preach from the back of a limosine feel the rash burn notice that phrase through the vileness how sweet feel the rash start to burn

level edge backs against the ledge no knives the stone hard eyes without the longing or fear that it would disappear they cling on nuturing never ending obsessions on the table lines needed walls cover tips the balance don't touch me wiped out cornering mouthed the word money head shake handshake out to get a long way from corrosion pushes closer to the edge wired not connected peeling back plastic wrap tinted green and all illusion existing caught up crossfire trading tall tales where are you going where do you fail whats that mean back and forth side by side loose knot weave keep it up altogether or whatever that means passing underneath the trespass dont get to close mouth the word your money if I fade I may and I want to fade away all that I do is pray that you will be there too if this were trying to deceive some minds what the hell do you got to say? altogether

(one) must (believe in?) alter their image torn against ripping poles in a tatter (you should?) cold no longer healing accosted (raising funds?) for the son of time cast in the corner (I will face it mind?) more take a look dread leave it alone best left unsaid (world?) misused there's tension (????????) die internal demon ... screaming something? ... (nervous nails?) (a dying art?) ... more screaming ... (torture myself?) (please?) relief dirty daylight expression reveals best left unsaid cold and indifferent otherwise adjust the attitude (let me count this?) (can confuse?) reflection shadow looks for refuse wherever falls the stone best left unsaid

Second Tooth
(not much need) distraught wake up in sweat something is very different no water hot or cold walk out in the street greet the morning gun battles needless no need to understand in a foreign land with gun in hand killing is respected a way of showing faith in a country's need to exercise death penalities where were you now in the chair to burn twenty years ago killing red in nam who is worse when war is far away not much for sympathy a number count of casualties return so burned with nothing left to learn murder now invigorates the unwashed bloody hands kill again let the family burn do little to comfort anguishing no decision could ever warrant this war is just a childrens game no pretending dead why? dear god whom we project its useless killing children to satisfy the arms budgets who walks right or left a child won't give a damn nations arise to reason the conceptions threatened for economic steps is it time to shut down and lay to rest the bomb that servant suicide object worshipped like a god be there now blown clear the human race what use is there of figures the wrote wordless statistic names and numbers now seem out of place a paper representating life blowing down the street kill again

Shadow Cast
magnified fear stares back the mirror reflect depravity the shadow cast a feeling of ill harmony so crisp the famines itch a withering shoreline tears of grey interspersed with withered fruit her gloomy banquet of cheer heaven what a sweet pain douse the ecstasy the imagination drained away perpetual reverie abruptly fade heavens soothing some say tremulous hand jabs from behind sticks in the back for all to see organs spilled leak of will void of secrecy genuine tears delights the taste pain salts the bitter brew rich in guilt to absorb the filth she worships a point of view scarce the thousand remnants black charred flesh a victim screaming through heaven or hell what's the difference one to believe in one to live in careful balancing what's hell to heavens only flame

Shore Lined Poison
trials administer tidal oil that suffocating base the fire gold pouring mercury life given river deformed in amongst patient building raise an urgent call reformation strike the picking miners claw kick my ass waste the given gift the natural cure in the age of reason gone bad morning in between the cold stone ashes fall upon the wretched chosen ones 100 megatons evaporate those chosen vaporize case in point and deserving it vaccinate all stranger than whispering crushed velvet corpse grind awaiting underneath mask unneeded decisions come from one side of the brain insolent dented fibres optic looks the world of growth fleeting image ghost destruction t.v.screen

Sleeping Beast
early one morning shattering life in the face the finest creative loss of grace out of heartshot with no hope meet the people try to cope nod the head with distraction faces flirt for your reaction with a grin over again start the day anothers whim nice to nightmare she's a sleeping beast lie the same dear anguish is your feast frighten the peaceful powerless thought in the head with decree attorney singe my dread in the darkness know it well siege of face love to tell how and why its indecision notice change by shapeshifting from the real sacred seal rip with sex intelligent sneer resist the useless aggravation kicked in teeth the blankness created forms a wreath slap the coffin hear no shout feel the courage seeping out plunge the knife with no reason slash the name within season slump retreat run again ride the pain going insane very same morning shattering life in the face the finest creative loss of grace find the truth far to down bring it up sense will drown inside review sense elation can't regain the motivation piercing probing is disturbing drove to me i'm not worth knowing

Sore In a Masterpiece
possibly "can't believe he's gotten all sore? it all sorted?" never in fear follow round (them?) redder roar flare lock 'em in sight im sore in a masterpiece and i creep creep creep creep creep creep for a solid place ooh, you're frightened of (fighting the?) reality insomnia stands by me with glee oh, sore in a masterpiece and i'll creep creep creep creep creep creep for a solid place it's a (your?) legion in the nighttime fortune all (off?) feasts faschists for peace that's reason fashioned darkness lot of love lost over all costs i'm sore in a masterpiece and ill creep creep creep creep creep creep for a solid place ooh, you're frightened of reality insomnia stands by me with glee shot? shock?<low in backgrnd> i'm sore in a masterpiece i'll creep creep creep creep creep creep for a solid place ooh, you're frightened of reality insomnia stands by me with glee ?im all better?[low in bckgrnd] forget it forget it cry (for sanity?yourself to sleep?us inbetween?your savage way?) sore in a masterpiece its not my fault...

Smothered Hope
withered rope you hang what's empty can't remain to put it simply in time cry the hollow words to sing with false disguise smothered hope fly from sorrow for a new divine tomorrow i just don't want to know anymore life shifts up and down everybody knows it's wrong why don't you care? now do it seem fair? it's not in the rhyme or reason so it goes with every season crawl to top fall through bottom first hand love is really rotten slice of life find what's plenty inch towards a sanctuary light with me inside the womb i know everyone everybody knows it's me it's my voice, my voice cries out obscenity sightless eye regard my past sometimes it should i just don't want to know anymore.

Social Deception
belladonna yet you cry passing incandescent creatures dark recesses living is hot retort got to take effect the outring teaching nothing new the truth conform the fate of the forest everything that's hot it's melancholy morality it's him the beast forest creeps steep rocks the paws bleed waving her caught rabies whir seeking clench best prolong the dread the fiends set upon him to tear him to pieces him heart are you so feeling incredibly rapidly take it contemplate aim find my grace blood

silence the deadly golden cry out don't stay behind stay up internal breakdown bloodflow drip from the eyes incest the inner reason fast life lay in decline sank back in fresh arrival face split with life so why remorse a heartless soul senseless no apparent self control since then cold uncaring accusations run wild accelerate the heartbeat or so seen with their eyes twisting with truth or fact a kind of story that lies motion sickness is screaming stab cut retard my mind tiresome a sacred leader sensations more than die fortune is worshiped highly one day to pray then die melting in fiery sand quick sink in false so high over erase replace cancel the way a trial

Spahn Dirge
(live) (transcription 1) <"real inspired...snaps...stool...cut him off..."> <whispered>: ...hate you dream sees someone going that voice i see i walks... releases someone...the darkened hate... [who find/if] [i/he] were to come back and see he'll find a world ??? all [i/they] want is intelligence hes gonna die? all [i/they] want is to learn ....exist oh... she's such a sweet thing no time to wonder ....over to...no...[black/that] corner...in [time?judge?angel?] what's your name what's your name what's your name what's your game, boy? no ones a judge...so many dreams, dreams... locked out in the [?hole/house?] envision black room [stringing?screaming?singing?] all is this motion? calling back to my bedroom eyes well see again ....no one to no they no they wont... all that way all that way all that way fame fortune fame fortune fame fortune no more fail safe ways, my friend no more time to [play/blend] alone creeping the crawl down trod [speak?speed?] this place...hurts? back to my...??? this new mansion oh, watch this way! <"you recording? no im not..."> ....hates..dreams speaks...came back...back?... the fortune and the fame better watch out fade away? no time for the fame? missed the boat? better wash it away? wash it away back to chicago go to chicago cause the levee breaks ....dear god im going insane dear god...? cause the levee breaks oh shes in the bed? ....oh shitty?city? go to chicago <"looking like number 4 and 5"> baby...stealing the word 1993 that's when we'll all be free it will overcome me back in 1993 go to chicago the levee breaks you had your fun in the sun in 1971 but now it's time to be free in nineteen hundred and ninety three money bomb outside off nothing who is your releaser since 1969 was fine but 1999 will find us and make us climb to higher vines time go to chicago go to chicago go cause the levee breaks and so does your head well in ?plane? has anybody seen the confounded bitch ... a -itch? the sex is great? oh my god i hope im not late ain't that great eases away time and time and time again turning and turning and turning and burning Luc Van Acker Luc Van Acker going to chicago going, going, coming cause the levee breaks so does your head watching in the bands of daylight going there the whips/lips? hey ogre, do you think its time to go to bed? ... or has this song rushed through your fucking head? .... levee breaks so does your head hey, where is that burning in your bed? you know what they say, it's time to melt next time melt the fuse i don't know what it is somebody said that this morning i know what they said? where is my murder?/mother gun? the jokes on you HAHAHAHAHAH the joke HAHAHAHAHAH come here only one night? look what happens we come and leave? we come and... and the signs of disease? HAHAHAHAHAH ....drugs? <"...your stool...was she near your stool?"> some of these lyrics are apparently from Revolting Cock's "attack ships on fire" and led zep's "when the levee breaks" Also, in addition to Ogre, some of the vocals may be sung by Al Jourgensen

(transcription 2) Anisa Azul (vanilla@estate.wa.com) ?hate you? ?dream sees? ??? darken ??? if he were to come back and see he'll find a world ??? all i want is a ??? all i want is to ??? she's such a sweet thing no time to wonder ??? what's your name what's your name what's your name what's your game ??? locked out in the ?house? envision back ??? t all is this ??? calling back to my bedroom eyes see ??? feel safe where is m friend no more time to play alone ??? ?spahn dirge? ??? ?watch this way? ??? ?in the vein? ??? I came close ??? 1993 that's when we'll all be free it wil it will overcome me back in 1993 ??? you had to find an assignment in 1971 b now it's time to be free in 1993 ??? who is you're releaser 1969 was fine bu 1999 will find us and make us climb to higher vines time ??? go to chicago p on the breaks we'll in ??? has anyone seen the confounded bitch ??? oh my go ain't ??? gravy daisy's ??? time and time and time again turning and turning and turning and burning Luc Van Acker Luc Van Acker going to chicago levee breaks so does your head ??? in the man's ??? do you think it's time to go t bed or have ??? your fucking head levee breaks so does your head hey where i that ??? you know what they say it's time to mate ??? next time melt the fus ??? i don't know what somebody said that this one ?i know what they said? wh is my ??? the jokes on you HAHAHAHAHAH the joke HAHAHAHAHAH come here look what happens we come ??? HAHAHAHAHAH

making time in a low rent highrise no place to go downtown crushing crucifixion particles aching harmful descent take a shot and hide subway slam dance stale mattress slow throb bloating freshly open grave barefoot beggar knotted finger turning pages in a book descending no noise the great trees fall calmly through the window see backward elevation faded spirit of the gold toothed whore moon dances wondering how could this ever be kicking the habit possesion in the flesh loves made up melancholy kicking the habit trip back and unleash all anger emerging from the waterfall brakh? fork horse rear snorted downward a vulgar desire playing cards conjured on fly blown dimly lit round a room of shadows claw the side phantom pinches waking from a dream half eaten candy from some disordered heaven swirling tastes phornicate rotted meat a nested virus feels eating dish aging she sits alone in the worry shes created more time holy hatred kicking the habit

State Aid
guilty red spot skin cervix holds your fate condom brother rubber she touch wolf gave suck ears drink muck who has aide? look at watch video sex don't like look touch video sex video sex life cia experiment earn thank you fuck you

Tear Or Beat
live within four walls scrape insect infested dreams cancer cornered worn accepting misery as a way of dealing within this complex fantasy which way or how to say is this ordinary? terror force the rain boiling over lifeless flame fear pays a healthy wage leaves its trail in well planned pain crave whisper fall ride corrodes neglected dream scalding of organs slowly rotting in the time to understand a body degeneration reluctant soul search within a dying civilation fill cracks with plaster hides all unbalanced things a shade to pale of late features sunken in if all were to dissolve not to interpret literally a mindless mat that minds itself void of expressing anything that need be in order to believe then to substantiate by falling ungraciously at the brother's feet used solely to defeat back around it gleams time again terror nerves on edge no where safe to populate whose side to liberate genocide applied with subtlety terror shadowed dream no chance ending callous reign fear not rise up to stay the beast no moving frozen are the meek

in nervous convulsion crouches infant ape trembling in mothers shit cage eyes tear less filled with contempt clinic mask experiment with life and death smell lingering noxious mixed scent anxiety omnipotent doctor grinds the cage door revealing loves primal instinct taken away the tiny face terrified rant and rave smash your head against the cage vacuum clicks on high conscious of the pain pass off as humane white coat seems so clean most dirt bleached out of greed force the point of habit eyes burn in a rabbit push the pain test button spines cut trip mucous inflection more die. pills each day what goes around comes back stronger tap into the brain break the skull again smash price research rat lab rent pain in flesh more ill drug store sales sharpen the knife emphasis on money new disease everyday end is seen and coming reseach turns it's back to gain crush the spine genocide kitten drags its dead limb continuing all suffering it will come back and win shock paralyse turn trauma burns out the will to live the lying message 5 year genocide 1945 suicide vivisect VI

treason trapping animal hide in the vision of paradise two explains your head deranged time spun web deluded of life wicked black witch lady localize intelligensia go write a book to cry in face it lost that look survivals hard enough fading fire climbing higher time to realize that im on fire patience sun the lord looks over who covers in the watchtower freeze arm scraping inches the vein blind distracted the worshipping metal point a scraping hole forever breaking in out temper test bottom so vile faded higher why you liar

Three Blind Mice
fascists can you hear it has begun seen the devil the outlived symptom under the screams impress again shadow ways to do and joins from everywhere treats my fallen character with no respect (????) to taking it all away diminutive drown to live the hope of anything obscene is so obscure do it again installing public policy do it again (???) do it again posture crumbling it has begun in part a life time decaying from within maybe it was (???) owner shape credit spend your life to win visible all to see constantly in reapin the harvest eating the grain so show you it's gone everything i had was (???) stripped away do it again (???) do it again the same fate (???) do it again (???) bromine bucket pile it has been done (???) no one forever gone took and (???) a black ribbon do it again (???) do it again (???) do it again (???) do it again

Tin Omen
every truncheon hit misguided the peoples army divided united stance amped out war dance what a ride inner thought of non violent rebellion outside dare to die stand and fight show faith return all the weapons government says use them right fixed action set in motion doubting amnesia potion what to hide red carpet ride guessing right the jokes on dark corner the square you bath once a week distorted the viewpoint seldom seen wayback in 68 ohio kent state was nothing so great have of have not forcing the point shot in the back take it back down trod soldier away flower power within kill me kill this way of life and be known one by one they'll be coming down altogether sister machine gun automatic high what a ride what a trip tripped over the candlestick tanks arrive fire wall got to keep the camera alive tell the world whats going on here warning shots are fired at the stomach chest wound coed falls amped out amped out changing guns for brooms the guards change to clean up crews way back in 68 every thing was so great no way wrong date keep up the trade balanced charade close circuit truth used to remove keep the camera alive

walls trapped within yellow eyes the cutters drooling face rips apart cuts to the heart disease shown let it out movement crosses crimson light washes darkened corners gently forces open wide and lingering awhile pouring thoughts electric fingers blinding pressure sockets stream matter grey the nerve free fall safely buried out behind a face let it out be carefull watching living mask misshapen tumors ride the pressing tinted nightmare breeze mental shock disturbed thoughts rotting long lasting reaction make it stop stir up the pot taking away means nothing distorted moodswing smile altered music shadow covers melted honey bitter pie she utters tasting quite lovely motion on towards a truthful state mincing with words align order form to multiply mental shock relentless and leaning compiling the list alone at the top before before it was not this way i thought...it did

VX Gas Attack
at ground zero pro independence heavier than air fumes city of chemical alleged cyanide gas on to karbala what is the difference between israel's plight a belief in outside influence like scalding water a side effect of their faces and lungs burn a sudden harsh smell 2 weeks after still coughing and choking livid skin blisters burn often posters leaflets nightly radio and television programs dead instructions in the use of such basic devices as a damp tovel lined with charcoal to be applied to the face and mouth when the beep beep beep gas attack warning signal sounds the dead were among porcelain face of cloud of frozen gas poison jagged fragment jew iranian iraqi bombs sun the first cyanide gas warning vx nerve gas

Walking On Ice
all eyes upon this wasted desert all eyes upon this mother earth all eyes into a ??? and toxic the mother earth ?wait? eyes all eyes all eyes upon this wasted world all eyes igested ??? all eyes into it's ??? all eyes all eyes all eyes upon this desert it's a ??? don't ?touch? me ??? all eyes all eyes eyes each ??? waiting eyes all eyes all eyes ain't no war no war no war no war no war no war no war eyes all eyes upon this wasted planet all eyes insist upon ??? over here ??? get back and invasion get back an invasion get back an invasion

Who?s Laughing Now??
broken alice holy pat on the back and back and back force open wide no way back she whispered lizard kiss rhtetoric bitch pass on answering psycho babble with no security power escapes to the toilet room in the lew of its own reflection she really knocks me out she sits she pukes her point whoever will listen paranoid doubts shes really rocked out she moves her mouth fault pat on the back and back and pat on the back and force it she sits she listens she moves her mouth she sits she pukes its her fault whatever intelligence fault push down with the purest crystal around push it in whisper name feel it a double weighed out games invoke she mixes knowing that all wont upset herself lizard kiss strung out break mutilate all they see on the neck in and over top of what appears to be real chill and tempt eye no time to see reality broken alice

binge cringe on the fringe sloppy mincing eyedropping biopsy cyclops overlooks optic options rotton showstopper skinpopper babbler dabbler self confessed criminal tore pen in vain instant still spellbound game stock talk back rock reencounter incident subsistance inexistant non committed unwitted oblivious habitual resistor buff the stuff roughed up edge fluent nudge pre-collect ignition motivation inexistant wasted views thats all they see blue hot blood guild optic nerve with the right attitude you will succed blue self abusive recluse too late for me make shifting peace settling crazy things keep your eyes open soft spoken changes nothing a view so cruel dogs body comatose torchlight roast disinterest disinfect retold impressed by possession insiders know refresh detained contest off and pure sure tonight it feeds itself freeze in time or shadows climb distracting override instincts evolve and try over and over wasted truth why call at all blue hot lines eventual decline with the right attitude you will succed blue resent that discontent sidestep define the state of things so far crazy things a view so cruel