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October 5, 2000

whelp, the Litany world tour resumes with stops in delightful Raleigh & Nashville over the next few days. I?ll update when I can.

 ?and now that pretty much everyone has received their ?track 10? cd?s, I?ll be adding the ?win a ?track 10? cd? contest. I?ll announce the details and other prizes about this time next week.

 oh yah, I almost forgot. the ?Too Dark Park? tour posters are sold out. I hope everyone who wanted one got one.


this dude has created some of the best fan made skinny puppy remixes; imho. with that in mind head, over to triptamine?s home page for his juicy mp3?d remix of ?tormentor.? I highly recommend it.


  • even more live SP Doomsday fotos::: thirteen good sized fotos taken from pretty close to the front. I dig this shot too a.v.
  • sb photographies SP fotos::: there are some general Doomsday fotos here too. the main attraction are the six black & white Skinny Puppy shots. tks for the link peter.
  • October 4, 2000


    good ?ole armand @ nettwerk sent over the cover art and tracklist for ?Crystal Mass? due out in roughly three weeks. October 24th couldn?t get here fast enough for me. you too?

    Click to Zoom

    October 2, 2000


    with the apparent success of the Skinny Puppy ?Track 10? single, Subconscious Communications is planning a few more internet-only releases. no timetable has been set for the below planned release list that I yanked from the SubCon merchandise page. gives you something else to look forward to doesn?t it?

    September 29, 2000


    in the september 27th update I listed a place, martz mailorder, that was selling Skinny Puppy Doomsday t-shirts. as it turns out these are not official Doomsday t-shits. they appear to be bootleg copies. therefore the quality and actual layout / design of the t-shirts is unknown.

    I apologize if you have ordered a shirt from these guys; my best suggestion is to cancel your order. if you are considering ordering from these guys I do not advise it. who knows what you?ll actually get, if anything at all.

    sorry for jumping the gun on this folks. it looked legit to me.

     some of you may recall from a while back how I mentioned how the remaining Doomsday t-shirts will be sold. that is still going to happen at some point. I highly recommend not ordering from those jokers and hanging in there until the authentic Doomsday t-shirts are available.
    September 28, 2000


  • amusing Doomsday pic::: as opposed to describing this myself I think charlotte twine does a better job than I could of relating how she took this picture of her brother christopher.
  • ...and here's the pic:::

    click to zoom

    September 27, 2000


    this site also lists the ?track 10? cd as available too, but I hear it?s sold out.

    if you?re dying for a Skinny Puppy t-shirt from Doomsday here?s a site for you to try. these guys are located in germany and I?ve never done business with them so I can?t give an opinion one way or another about ?em. but as I mentioned, if you want to give it a shot, check out the ?angebote? section of MARTZ Mailorder. tks to geoff for the link.

    Update::: in the september 27th update I listed a place, martz mailorder, that was selling Skinny Puppy Doomsday t-shirts. as it turns out these are not official Doomsday t-shits. they appear to be bootleg copies. therefore the quality and actual layout / design of the t-shirts is unknown.

    I apologize if you have ordered a shirt from these guys; my best suggestion is to cancel your order. if you are considering ordering from these guys I do not advise it. who knows what you?ll actually get, if anything at all.

    sorry for jumping the gun on this folks. it looked legit to me.

     some of you may recall from a while back how I mentioned how the remaining Doomsday t-shirts will be sold. that is still going to happen at some point. I highly recommend not ordering from those jokers and hanging in there until the authentic Doomsday t-shirts are available.


    Doomsday stuff continues to trickle in. the below shots were taken by our croatian friend Hrvoje, now living in Georgia.

    click to zoomclick to zoomclick to zoom

    click to zoomclick to zoomclick to zoom

    click to zoomclick to zoomclick to zoomclick to zoom

    click to zoom

    September 23, 2000


    russian gothic page has a review of the Doomsday event [in Russian, duh] and a whole bunch of pictures. I saw these links on epilogue.

     while we?re on the subject of russian pages. i met this guy before Doomsday and he told me he was working skinny puppy website completely in flash. whelp, here it is.


    if you live in Hamburg yer in for a treat. you?ll have two chances to catch that Ogre interview [mentioned in sept. 18th?s update] on TV. oh, a little birdie told me crazy clip show will be playing ?worlock? live from Doomsday. this is the only live video of Doomsday to appear so far. so catch it if you can!

    if anyone?s able to tape the show please contact me.

     below is the show info:::


    alex veronac, one of the few dudes not wearing black at Doomsday, had five of the pictures he took published on-line by canada?s chartattack click here for the direct link to the pics and here?s alex?s hyphen.one homepage where, as you may remember, a bunch more of his Doomsday pics are housed.
    September 22, 2000

    high everybody. I?ve been busy has hell these last two days. I?ve got a ton of pics and links to get up, but that won't happen ?till saturday morning. sorry, got do that that ?real world? thang again. in the meantime here?s some info that may interest those of you who ordered ?track 10? and / or TDP posters.


    cEvin dropped me a quick e-mail to help answer some general questions / problems out there regarding obtaining the cd?s and posters.

    whelp, that?s if from me for now. I plan on returning all my e-mail and catching up with everything else saturday morning. see yah then!
    September 20, 2000


    track 10 - check your mailbox::: if you ordered the skinny puppy ?track 10? single and / or the TDP poster and you sent your money in right away, you should be receiving your order right about now.

    congrats go out to::: win9x skinny puppy startup logo author mike hughes. dude?s getting married sept. 30th. my sincere best wishes go to you and your future wife.

    new URLs::: just so yah know. the home page changed for Subconscious has been changed www.subconsciousstudios.com.

    ?and this page can now also be found at www.litany.net. sure it?s advert filled but it?s a simpler way to remember this url.

    SP in Kerrang! magazine::: england?s kerrang! magazine [#819, sept. 16 2000] had a section called ?'100 greatest riffs... ever!? clocking in at 100 is Skinny Puppy?s ?Tin Omen.? below is the text as provided by al benson.

    the theremin Download & you::: well? ok. this has nothing to do with you but as a cool bit of trivia? kingfish noticed how on theremin world, in the bands with theremins section, Download, Dead Voices on Air, The Legendary Pink Dots and Twilight Circus are listed as theremin users.
    September 18, 2000


    where to start. hummm? first off, this is a very good interview. there are a few quite good questions and answers in this guy. sure there?s the required ?will SP record again? question but don?t be deterred. and as a bonus there?s a few pictures of Ogre with his makeup half done before the show. that alone should make this worth the click.

     oh, I almost forgot. the interview was conducted by our good german friend thomas t., who I?m sorry I didn?t get to speak with more at Doomsday [yer tattoo looks great btw], right after the press conference. the interview was done for the crazy clip show and it can be found via direct link right here.

    below is yer clip. ogre is responding to a questions regarding the longevity of Skinny Puppy. imho, his response is dead on.

    Update:::andreas noticed there are a bunch of superb pictures there too. these the some of best pics of Skinny Puppy @ Doomsday I?ve seen to date. no shit and they're taken from video. follow this link.
    September 17, 2000

    yipe!!! first hurricane of the year. hold on tight my west coast of florida brothers brothers and sisters.


  • zugabe's Doomsday SP fotos::: we?ve got 25 live SP pics over here from Doomsday [and the best shot of fake-ogre-loki to date]. one of those pictures is something I?ll bet a ton of you have been dying to see. be sure to check this site out!



  • regina's Doomsday SP fotos::: 13 new shots over here. some choice close-ups of Ogre and a good shot of the robotic-cloven-hoof-dildo-stroking-ogre.


    armand @ nettwerk sent over a reminder regarding the garage sale nettwerk?s having next saturday. if you dwell nearby this may be a good chance go grab some cheep stuff. below be the info:::

    September 15, 2000


    no Ogre ?Ohgr? lp in october::: yup. AltPress is wrong again. spitfire is NOT releasing the first of two Ogre / Mark Walk LP?s in oct. sorry, looks like late winter or 2001 more than likely. tks to jason hensley for helping confirm this bit-o-news.

     Ogre @ Banff Centre for the Arts::: that?s where ogre was hang?n last spring as an artist in residence before Doomsday. no big news here but m2 noticed how one kevin ogilvie is listed in the ?past residencies? section. below?s what it has to say about Ohgrrrr:::


    I didn?t notice this and a bunch of everyone else didn?t either, but check this out...

     remember the post I made back on august 29th called ?annoying skinny puppy singles / b-sides review?? well?Deryk Hagar noticed that the reviewer, April Ryan, had ripped off a paragraph from the Nettwerk catalogue. how much does that suck? how much do you want to bet maneater, the student on-line college rag, doesn?t care? but hell, just for the fun of it?

     here?s the paragraph from the nettwerk catalogue:::

    and here?s the paragraph what april ?wrote?::: there! have we discredited that review and rag enough now?
    September 13, 2000


  • excellent official InMove Doomsday fotos::: I highly suggest checking out these pics on the official InMove Doomsday site right away. they have a pile of good SP shots [and some very good ones from the press conf.] plus a bunch of the other bands. if this if your first time looking for pics from Doomsday, stop here first.



  • scarum's Doomsday pics::: scarum has his pics up from Doomsday. follow the preceding link for pics of SP, scarum getting a tattoo and all sorts of other stuff from the overall Doomsday event.



  • new live SP Doomsday foto from VAC::: thorn of Velvet Acid Christ sent over another high quality live shot of Ogre from Doomsday. behold:::

  • click to zoom

    September 12, 2000


    three Skinny Puppy video?s on-line @ launch.com::: sure it?s weird to see these video?s on launch.com but here?s the big news. you can stream these fellahs in a huge 300k format. so if you don?t have these guys on tape and you?ve got a fat pipe [or a small one, it scales down to 28k] videos are available for ?worlock,? ?killing game? and ?Spasmolytic.? tks to rODenT for noticing this.

    correction & new ticket scan from 1st German SP show:::remember the update from sept 4th where thorn from VAC had sent over three remarkable live pics from the first Skinny Puppy show ever in Europe? welp, I listed the date of the show as Oct. 20th ?96. I stand correct, it was the 21st not the 20th and eric242 sent over a scan of his ticket to prove it. below?s the ticket.

    click to zoom

    Skinny Puppy TDP Tour poster sale status::: as of about midday yesterday the ?Too Dark Park? tour posters were about 75% gone. so again, if yer thinking about getting one you may want to before it?s too late.

    tks to dk from the Forum for the next bit of info::: there?s a pic of the poster here on e-bay. notice what it went for?

    scroll down to sept. 5th?s update for ordering info.
    September 11, 2000

    subconscious Cannabis Cup 2000

    don?t you just love a competition where there?s only varying degrees of winners? me too?

     every so often an indispensable contest is held where only the strongest prevail. in this case, it?s the strongest weed that prevails.

    the SubConscious crew hit Amsterdam after Doomsday and were faced with a challenge::: rank the ten best / strongest types of bud [by coffee shop] and the top five coffee shops in A-dam. below?s the best of the best as compiled by one cEvin Key:::

    my only complaint. where?s the subcategory for best spacE cakEs? [g]


    looks like Nettwerk?s hav?n a sale! [g]

    actually the deals do look pretty damn good and here?s the important part: all the Skinny Puppy singles are out of print and this may be your last chance to grab them. I?m sure there are still quite a bit on the shelves around the world too btw. but? if you?re a new fan and want the whole collection of the singles or you?re trying to round out what you have this may interest yah.

    got a question about something? call nettwerk directly @ 1-800-764-3472 [and ask for armand or sam! ?well no, not really.]

    {just for the fun of it::: if you order, tell them you saw the deal here. once again I?m curious to see what kind of effect[or] we have. more on this subject if I ever get free time}


    that?s a rhetorical question of course. I was speculating who they were and I figure some of you might be wondering also.

    the first ?smothered hope? era Ogre was played by marcus scriba who also performed P.A. tasks during rehearsals. marcus ended up taking a shotgun in the chest.

     some of you folks out there will recognize the second fake, VivisectVI era ogre's name. it was none other than regular internet denizen loki der quaeler! poor loki?s fate was sealed with a sniper shot to the head.

     ?and speaking of loki, check out the below pic from peter pauer of loki just before the fateful moment. [and here's the un-zoom'd shot]

    click to zoom

    September 8, 2000


    I?ve got some commentary, notes and pics to go with this but hell? I figure you guys are chomping at the bit to hear this fellah. so here?s the mp3 of the press conference and I?ll post some pics and other details later today. tks to kakkerlakk. yer file was the most manageable of the trio I acquired.

     it is in zip'd mp3 format and clocks in at just over 15 minutes. grab it right here!
    September 7, 2000

    btw::: this month?s AltPress lists the Ogre/Walk project called ?Ohgr? as releasing a LP titled ?Welt? on October 17th. I am attempting to confirm this information?


    ok folks. be sure to catch this if yer able. it appears these guys are going to be playing the audio from the pre-Doomsday press conference I was at. I?ve been planning on typing up from notes from this but I never quite seem to get it done [sigh] like so many other things lately. so?

     oh yah, if they don?t cut the beginning, that dude who asks ogre how he?s enjoying Dresden is me.


    tattoo time again::: speaking of stuff i've been slow at doing [isn't that everything these days?] check out harsh stone white's SP tattoo:::

    Click to Zoom


    whups. I received this back in august from drbovine before I left for germany and I forgot to post it. so?

     each month in Alternative Press there is a little section called ?there & back.? in the sept 00 issue [#146] AltPress goes back 10 years and features Skinny Puppy from the Jan ?90 issue. below is the text:::


    waaaayyy back on march 24th of last year we talked about cEvin doing a remix that appears on the sega album ?Sonic Adventure REMIX.? whelp there?s a mp3 up [and it appears to be a legit one at that] on teamARTAIL. oh yah, the song is called 'UNKNOWN from M.E. .'


  • bill the boy's new tattoo::: I guess this means billy enjoyed himself at the Doomsday festival. [g]


    September 5, 2000


    yup, it?s true. in less than five days, the soon to be infamous Skinny Puppy ?track 10? cd from the Doomsday festival is sold out! if you wanted one I hope you didn?t wait to order it.

    what can you do if you didn?t get a copy? well, you can get screwed on e-bay [what?s that slapping my ass?] or you can try yer luck at the stupid contest that I?ll think up in a few weeks. it?ll be easy so everyone can have a chance to win? [and btw, please do not offer me anything for it. I planned on giving it away for free and although I may be a moron, i am still plan on giving it away for free].

     on a positive note the TDP tour posters are still available. as of about 2.30p est today just over half of them were gone. if you plan on getting one, now is the time to order. below?z the ordering info:::

    oh, I forgot to mention this. SP [and other] t-shirts from Doomsday Festival will become available before long also. I do not have any specifics on the 4 w?s but expect some info before too long.
    September 4, 2000


  • dmso's Doomsday fotos and mp3s::: brother de sade has seven very good Skinny Puppy live pics and three mp3?s [headset head, social deception & smothered hope]. once again, drop everything and hit the link, it's well worth the click.



  • Jasin's Doomsday fotos::: Jasin has some shots of SP, VAC, the Sisters and some other stuff. plus there's a good pic of the venue itself too.
  • dead doll:::marc sundermann sent over a damn sweet action foto of Ogre giving the doll it?s just rewards. below?s the pic:::

  • click to zoom

  • electrigger Doomsday review and pics::: christiaN Poeck has a handful of new Doomsday pics of the guys. notably included are pics of Ogre and cEvin from the Doomsday rehearsal. how?d he get these pics? whelp christiaN worked on the backing video along with Graf Haufen and Joerg Buttgereit. he also did the live video mix too. props to you christiaN, Graf and Joerg, that video was beyond belief!



     oh yah, below?s a cool Ogre pic from the rehearsal.

    click to zoom


    yah, I know?. stupid, title but check these pictures out! Thorn of Velvet Acid Christ sent over these very cool pics. thanks a ton for sending them my way!

     the three below pics are from Skinny Puppy?s first ever german concert. SP played on October 21th 1986 at Club: Logo in Bochum with Severed Heads and A Grumh! cool eh?

    click to zoomclick to zoomclick to zoom

    here's a scan of a ticket from the show. this fellah was sent in by eric242.

    click to zoom

    these next two are from the press conference.

    click to zoomclick to zoom

    here?s Ogre?s shopping list for the show. interesting no?

    click to zoom

    and lastly a very good shot of performance itself.

    click to zoom

    September 3, 2000


    UPDATE::: as of 11.00pm PST last night the ?track 10? cds are half sold out and the ?Too Dark Park? posters are about 1/3 gone. if you are thinking about ordering and haven?t yet, I would.

    this sale has not yet been announced in public forums [like R.M.I.] and I expect the remainder to go pretty quickly once that happens

     cEvin, just moments ago, sent over the ordering information for both the Skinny Puppy ?Track 10? cd and the ?Too Dark Park? tour posters.

    remember there are only about 400 copies remaining of this rare cd containing the missing track from ?Last Rites,? 'Left Hand Shake.' I suggest ordering right away [and note the order limit of two per person, cEvin obviously wants as many people as possible to get a copy by preventing people from hording.] and before you ask, I have no idea how many copies of the TDP tour posters are available.

     and do me a favor [if yah don't mind]. if you?re ordering the cd [or poster] because you saw the info here on Litany put a note in your e-mail to cEvin saying so. I?m curious to see how many people order ?cause that saw the info here.

    September 1, 2000


    just as a general note::: as many of you know the Dead Voices On Air website has been up and down [mostly down] over the last month. whelp it appears dvoa.com has found a home @ dvoa.at.org. tks to aeluv who reminded me to post this. [g]

  • more Doomsday Skinny Puppy mp3's::: a fellah who made it all the way from Sydney Australia, tyme, is adding a few mp3?s he recorded while watching Skinny Puppy @ Doomsday. ?worlock? may be one you haven?t heard before.



    keep in mind these are low quality live recordings intended to give you an idea what Doomsday sounded like. don?t expect an advance listen of Brap 5 or anything. ?and on the same note i hereby put a pox on anyone who attempts to use any of these mp3 for insidious reasons!

  • john's Doomsday review::: John Oravec also wrote a quick review of his Doomsday experience. as an interesting side note, john also saw cEvin live back when cEv was playing drums for Images In Vogue a few times. everything?s cyclical isn?t it? below is a little part of his story that I dug.
  • dave?s Doomsday review::: I ran into this young fellah dave both before & after the show? and? below is a clip from his review.
  • In Move Doomsday wrap up::: over on the main Doomsday page there is a quick closing statement and some ?thank you? names written up by mario seelig. I think you may recognize a few? [g] [btw: mario, here?s my public thanks to you for all your help. you?re one hell of a nice guy. ?and thanks again for the ride back to the hotel!]




    every few months mike hughes makes some startup logos that are useful for spicing up the laborious process of watching windows 95/8/me boot. good for drawing your co-workers attentions too.

    below are three animated gifs to give you an idea of what they look like. for the full logos [and how to install ?em] head over to mike?s startup logos.

    no zoom

    no zoomno zoom

    August 31, 2000


    sarah griffiths was kuel enough to send over 7 pics she took of Ogre during Doomsday. to the best of my knowledge this is the only foto I?ve seen of the 2nd ?fake? Ogre [right before being shot my a sniper].

    click to zoomclick to zoom

    click to zoomclick to zoom

    click to zoomclick to zoom

    click to zoom


    ?just in case you haven?t already seen this:::

    August 30, 2000


    don?t get fucked on e-bay my friends. Mr. Key will be selling those elusive ?track 10? cds from Doomsday shortly. a mere $13 + postage will net you what?s going for over $65 on e-bay these days. ain?t it funny how ?fans? will rip-off other fans?

    anywho, take note, a TDP tour poster will be offered too and limited edition Download and platEAU cds will be available soon after. ain?t it great to be alive? watch this page and the Subconscious page for more details.


  • Doomsday merchandise scans::: SPTravel has a page up displaying all the SP stuff up for sale at Doomsday. well worth the click.



  • merchandise tent pic::: why not? meesha has a pic up of the merchandise tent itself. why not cover all the bases eh? hell, she?s got a bunch of other SP pics too. check ?em out right here.



  • Alex Veronac's Doomsday Skinny Puppy pictures::: drop everything! Alex has 24 terrific pictures from the Skinny Puppy portion of the Doomsday event. included are a hip pair of fotos from the press conference and a handful of close-up?s of the set. make sure you check these out.



  • release magazine covers Doomsday::: ...looking for a quick review of the whole event? whelp here's an option. tks thomas.


    August 29, 2000


    Skinny Puppy pre-show meeting fotos:::

     here are a few pictures from the pre-Doomsday Skinny Puppy meeting [see Aug 25th?s update for more info.]

    from the top left, clockwise, we have::: two pics of all the people we could cram into one corner of the bar. ?lower right, rene, patrick and their armed rabble... bottom left, billy van rooy & tweek?.

    click to zoomclick to zoom

    speaking of drinking...click to zoom


    sure it?s bit old, but then again, I am trying to catch up with everything? ok, folks? get yer e-pencils ready?

     this review is titled ?Puppy?s album should be hushed? and it attempts to discredit Skinny Puppy?s influence. in light of current events this review seems damn stupid [imho]. if you feel inclined to read the review, it?s here. if you feel inclined to mail the author, april ryan?s addy is here. tks to Asylum Moonan for sending the link and an inflammatory quote is below:::


    ...and a pic you haven't seen before. sven berger wrote up a big review of the whole Doomsday weekend. this guy is well worth reading. click here for the full review [and pic] and below is a little clip I liked.


    it?s nothing major but Zillo is releasing a double cd set called ?Zillo - Best of Goth Open Airs 2000.? it features the Skinny Puppy track [not live, btw] ?Spasmolytic.? here?s a link to the cover and tracklist. tks thomas.


    I assume most of you have seen the pre-Doomsday pictures of cEvin & Ogre in downtown Dresden over on the InMove Skinny Puppy page. for those of you who dug those fotos here?s higher rez versions of the same shots. [1] [2] [3] tks markus.


    don?t freak out when you read the quote below. I suspect many people are going to take part of the below quote out of context and conclude there will be a US show. read carefully what cEvin is actually saying. it?s very similar to the quick conversation we had regarding the show. InMove is very responsible for the show taking place and that?s often overlooked. it took the dedication of InMove and guys like Joerg Buttgereit, Stefan, the guys who built the props and all the back office guys like Mario to make the show happen. everything lined up just right for Doomsday to happen. not that it couldn?t happen again, it might, but I?d expect a second show promoted and produced by/with by InMove before anything else. so in short, just ?cause cEvin says ?it is possible, maybe? doesn?t mean it will happen. imho.

     I?ve really got a bunch more to say on the subject but I think it warrants it?s own space. I?ll pick up this topic again before long.

     back to the point::: gothic.thirsty.com has a post-doomsday interview up with cEvin. I highly suggest reading this fellah. here?s a direct link and thanks to bridget who was first in with the link.

    August 28, 2000

    ahhh, I feel much better now after a good sleep. here we go?


    ok guys, how ?bout some not-doomsday info? 'sure why not' you say?

     whelp, below is the track list for the new Download LP ?Effector? along with the playing time and the cover art [trippy cover eh?]. btw, there?s a huge version of the cover here too. thanks to aaron & armand for the stuff.

    Click to Zoom


  • realm of niggles - electrofixx::: a heap of live Doomsday pictures [including other bands].



  • OPPATRIA WAS THERE!! ::: four scans of the ?track 10? Skinny Puppy cd, autographed. ?and a short dialogue with cEvin Key.



  • DollHouses - PuppyLove::: a mess of live pics featuring Ogre and scans of the ticket & the weekend wristband.



  • a Doomsday review & pic by Jacob Skriver::: a good review and a single very good pic of Ogre.




    yup, Mtv actually did something of value. [g] there?s a quick write up on Doomsday posted back on aug. 18th right over here. not too bad eh? below is my favorite part of the interview::: ?Dutchman? heh. oh, and tks to matt for being the first to throw this in my mailbox while I was gone.

    August 27, 2000

    this is a placeholder. sorrta. it?s more like an excuse. I haven?t slowed down since getting back into the US and I am still so tired. I think Dresden was the last time I?ve gotten 8 hours of interrupted sleep. I have a massive pile of cool stuff to post but I?m just outta gas. sorry for the delay. a bunch of real stuff on monday like:::

    here?s two quick points before I go back to bed:::
  • looking for some mp3?s from Doomsday of SP? look for further than here. heh. wanna bet somebody?s going to try to bootleg this stuff for cash? it?s a sad world isn't it?



  • and speaking for people getting ripped off, cEvin still has over 400 copies of the rare ?track 10? cd. details on how to order a copy for yourself will be out shortly.



     before I hit the rack? here?s two guys looking pretty happy.
    August 25, 2000

    it looks like there will be a little delay in getting my pics up. it seems the guy developing the film did a shit job of it. on top of that he apparently noticed what the pictures were and kept good copies for himself! can you believe that? when my wife when to pick the developed film up he had made 5x7?s (or so) for himself color and brightness corrected. he gave her a shitty set and let her know ?if he could keep copies for himself he?d fix our pictures for us at a discount.? amazing isn?t it? perhaps he?d want to swing by my house and grab whatever cds and vids he wants too. or perhaps I should just hand him my wallet. bastard. i'm heading over during lunch to shake the tree

     oh yah, happy birthday to me. what a nice present?

     oh yah a note and a reminder. first::: if you have a review or pics of the show and need a place to display them. send ?em on over. I should have the first revision of the Doomsday info page up late today. second::: at the show was a limited edition (1,000 copies) Skinny Puppy cd called ?track 10.? of course it?s the missing track from ?Last Rites,? ?Left Handshake.? with my hard earned money [yeah right] I?ve picked up an extra copy to give away to someone who couldn't make the show. as soon as I think up a stupid contest I?ll get that ball rolling.

     ...and my voice is almost back. I can almost speak normally now. thanks for asking. [g]

     ok? off the job for me. bri3n?s working on some cool gfx for the Doomsday Scrapbook page and I still have a TON of info to post. I?ll get back to it late tonight or so [I think i may be getting sick again [sigh]]. in the meantime check out the tentative release dates above for ?Effector? and ?Crystal Mass? plus the best guess for ?B&F 5.? DOOMSDAY - DAY ONE, PART TWO

    an encounter with cEvin Key:::

     before I get into any details I must convey how friendly, down to earth and accessible cEvin was. dmso and I spent a good 15-20 minutes or so bugging the man and he didn?t seem to mind. in fact I felt bad keeping him so long. it was a genuine honor to meet him.

     ok, on to a few points. I?m not going to relay the whole conversation since a bit of it was off topic but here?s a few things I learned:::


    Skinny Puppy pre-show meeting:::

     let me first say how astounded I was at the number of people who appeared at the Radisson hotel the day before the show. I honestly didn?t expect but a handful of people to appear. just after I got settled into the hotel room I peered out the window and saw what turned out to be DMSO and his wife walking up to the hotel. I figured I better get my ass down there and say hi. when I got downstairs to my surprise there were already a good ten people down there and it wasn?t even 7.00 yet.

     ?and the people kept coming. I don?t think the bartender had any idea what was in store for her. we swamped that little bar [and stressed her out for sure]. before it was over we must have had 25-30 Skinny Puppy fans, at least, stop by. and it wasn?t just Americans and Germans either, I think every continent was accounted for.

     if I knew that many people were going to stop by I would have made more of an effort to make a better plan and find a better place. just before going to the bar my wife asked me how many folks I thought would show up. I said ?I dunno, 5-10 perhaps. not much more.? I was overwhelmed by how many people read this silly little page and wanted to say hello to me [and meet other SP fans of course].

    the people reached by the music of Skinny Puppy truly know no bounds and I?m blessed to have met so many cool folks that night. my heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who took out time to introduce themselves and stop by. it was a rare and unique pleasure to talk to everyone.

    after about two hours a large group of us headed off to the venue to check the place out and such. it was quite a sight to see a good 12-16 people, most of which were in black Skinny Puppy shirts, walking down the street in masse. we were like an armed rabble looking for someplace to loot. [g]

     once we got there and split up to get tickets and such, myself, my wife [mollie], DMSO and his wife ran into cEvin Key right away. it was kinda funny. mollie was saying something like ?what exactly does cEvin look like?? i was talking to dmso so I said something like ?very tall, dreadlocks...? and she said ?like the guy right there?? heh. I turned around and cEvin was about 15 feet behind me.

     ?more to come?
    August 24, 2000


    before we get to the links a few notes:::

     do you have any pictures from, or a review of Skinny Puppy at Doomsday??? if so send it over!!! I?ve got about an hour or so left of work and I?ll start on my complete review (all encompassing) and a page specifically intended to document Doomsday once I get home.

    here?s a few places with Doomsday Skinny Puppy Pics:::

  • Velvet Acid Christ - Blinded page::: a few good live shots and the first pix I?ve seen from the press conference before the show.
  • Divstyle - marc sundermann?s page::: 10 live shots from upfront. [sorry I didn?t catch ya at the show marc]



  • brap.dk - do not miss this one! René has a huge collection of pics of people [in at 48 shots] and the live show itself [clocked at 127]. notice how Patrick Campbell and cEvin tired to sneak into the picture on this shot? heh.



  • Skinny Puppy pol polsku - by p242. it was a blast meeting this guy but I must admit? I really wanted to meet this dude too. anywho, there?s some people [me included] shots and a dozen or so live shots too.



  • there?s eight more live shots here too.



  • oh yah. did you notice these three pix over on the in-move skinny puppy page?

  •  I'M ALIVE

    yes, it?s true. I am still among the living. it?s good to be home?

     what a trip! both figuratively and literally. that was my third trip to Europe and by far the best of the three. before I get to all the SP Doomsday stuff here?s a new things I noticed:::

    August 10, 2000


    update::: a bit of bad news. the Legendary Pink Dots have canceled their appearance at Doomsday. Velvet Acid Christ will be replacing them on the bill.

     and for those of you who may be checking this page after I?m gone who hope to meet up with us on the 19th. here are four maps to help you find your way::: 1, 2, 3, 4.

     and the answer the another big question::: how the hell will you guys recognize me in Dresden? whelp, for the first time ever, behold a picture of me with Mark Spybey.

    Click to Zoom

    as you can see from the picture Mark is plainly considering hitting me on the head with that bottle he?s holding in an attempt to get me to stop talking. heh. it?d take more than that? [g] /update

     ok folks. the time is very near now. I?m off to Germany this Friday so Litany is about to go stale. I?ll post what I can before I leave but you know?

    lets face it folks. this is the biggest thing to happen to Skinny Puppy / fans for about 5 years and arguably longer. I?m aware how fortunate I am to be there and will do my best to relay the event to you as best I can. wish me luck!
    August 8, 2000


    the time is growing near isn?t it?

     below is the projected set times for the bands performing at Doomsday. [tks peter pauer]

    August 7, 2000


    Todd Z of Godsend fame noticed that Cleopatra is releasing new shorter edits of the rare Skinny Puppy and Download tracks from the ?industrial revolution? series. rather than rehash Todd?s e-mail below is the pertinent parts of his note:::


    both e-zine earpolution and print rag future music have reviewed that gem of a comp ?wild planet.?

    the review in Future Music is in the #98 August 2000 issue and they give at a commendable 9/10. below is the little review as typed in by jason hensley.

    ?and earpolution also has a positive review up. below is a clip and here is a direct link:::
    August 2, 2000


    M87, one of the winners of the Nettwerk Remix Dys Temper remix contest, has updated their own remix of ?Dig It.? why? whelp to quote band member Quentin MacMillan: ?The mix was redone chiefly because I couldn't really stand the old one (plus Nettwerk owns it now).? good enough for me. here?s the link to the mp3.


    Off and Gone website updated::: that kinda says it all doesn?t it? aaron has freshened up the webpage for Philth and Dan Handrabur?s project Off and Gone. and speaking of Philth, did you guys notice his posts on the Litany Forum a few weeks ago? insightful stuff.

    Tear Garden pics::: here?s a collection of Tear Garden pics from the IPK released a few years ago by Nettwerk. these guys should help whet your appetite for the new TG LP ?Crystal Mass? due out this fall. here be the link. thks go to thomas for the pics.

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