Hehehe... Like the banner? Is it not a work of art? Are you even bothering to read this?

Ok, while I didn't take pictures of the show I _DID_ record it. I didn't really care too much tho, the people from Nettwerk were recording it better than I ever could. This means there are occasional skips due to me jumping about. Sorry, but I was there to EXPERIENCE Skinny Puppy live, not stand around like a glorified microphone stand.

Remember, please EMAIL ME your thanks... If you don't I'll take all this down and trade it with other bootleggers.

The show in the order they played it. My MD cut out during track 2 =[ No idea what I missed.

The Show:

"Deep Down Trauma Hounds"
"Love In Vein"? [cut off 1/2 way through! =( ]

Stuff I missed [damn minidiskman!]
[Inquisition and Hardset Head]

"Convulsion" [cut's in 1/2 way through! =( ]
"Worlock" - [4.9mb]
"Grave Wisdom" - [3.8mb]
"Killing Game" - [3.6mb]
"Social Deception" - [2.6mb]
"First Aid" - [6.2mb]
"Dig It"
"Tin Omen"
"Natures Revenge"
"Harsh Stone White"

"The Choke" [Includes Ogre talking + brap at end] - [7.4mb]
"Smothered Hope" - [9.7mb]

Some excellent pages with photos from the gig! Thanks goes to all of them!